Lighting Tips for Less Eye Strain and Better Visibility

Our eyes need light to process what we see clearly. Too much or too little light and we cannot see correctly and cause eye strain. Yet, the amount of light that comes into and surrounds our eyes during reading and watching activities can have negative effects on our long-term vision. While it is important to use the right glasses to correct your vision, it is equally important to have good lighting. If you need an eye test, new glasses or contacts give Plaza Vision Optometry a call at (626) 359-3937 or come into our location at 525 S. Myrtle Avenue Suite 107, Monrovia, CA 91016.

Setup Your Workstation for Less Eye Strain

According to the American Optometric Association, more than 50 percent of office workers that spend prolonged time in front of a computer suffer from eye strain. In such cases, the computer may not be the only culprit. Your surrounding lighting can be just as much a contributor.
Here are some tips to avoid this:
 Use softer interior lighting: Your office lighting might be too bright. Reduce the number and intensity of bulbs and fluorescent tubes.
 Reduce glare: If you have a window just behind or in front of your workstation, the reflection on the computer monitor might be causing your eyes to work more than they should. You can rearrange your workstation or get an anti-glare coating on your glasses to avoid this.
 Adjust your monitor’s brightness: Your computer should neither be too bright nor too dim. Aim to match its brightness with that of your room.
Improve the Lighting in Your Home
It’s old knowledge that reading in low light is not good for your eyesight. While this may not harm your eyes permanently, you might still get a splitting headache from it. Make use of reading and desk lamps to reduce eye strain. This applies not just to reading, but to any other tasks that require intense visual focus.
The Lower You Vision, More Light You Need
Older people and those that suffer from vision impairing conditions like Glaucoma need more light than average. A consultation with an eye doctor is a good move to get advice on what the best lighting would be.
Just by making tiny tweaks to your interior lighting, you might see (pun intended) considerable visual improvements, better colors, experience less strenuous reading and fewer headaches.

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