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Is it time for new prescription glasses?  Or a style update?  Or finally switching to contact lenses?  Conveniently located less than 2 miles from Duarte, our professional services include eye exams, eyeglasses, contact lens fitting, and Lasik consultations.  Plaza Vision accepts all major vision insurance plans.

Family owned and operated since 1973, Plaza Vision is a full-service optometrist’s office.  We look after our patients’ eye health with comprehensive eye exams, including Lasik consultations and diligent post-surgery follow-up.  Our office also provides economy and designer frames and expert contact lens fitting.

Care Provider- Dr. Alysa Watanabe

Doctor Watanabe received her Doctorate of Optometry degree from the Southern California College of Optometry.  She is a member of the American, California, and San Gabriel Valley Optometric Associations as well as Remote Area Medical in LA.  Since 2008 Dr. Watanabe has co-managed Lasik procedures, working with only the most experienced surgeons in the Duarte area.

Vision Insurance Coverage

We accept plans from Aetna (US Healthcare), Eye Med, MediCal, Medical Eye, One Health, Safeguard, and VSP (Vision Service Plan) among others.

Eye Exams for Duarte, California

Everyone should have eye exams every 1 to 2 years.  Most people choose once a year, often more frequently as one gets older.  Exams are especially important for children who are unable to recognize vision problems nor effectively communicate what they’re experiencing.  It’s vital that you visit an optometrist immediately if you experience any changes whatsoever in your vision, including difficulty seeing at night and sensitivity to glare.

We use all-digital technology, including autorefractors to precisely measure vision without the “which is better” routine.  It also measures the curvature of your cornea for better contact lens fitting.  But our Duarte examinations go well beyond vision testing for prescription glasses or contact lenses.  We also conduct a retinal exam and check for medical conditions that affect vision.  Depending on the age and history of our patients we may check for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and retinal tears. Even then the full exam is completed in under an hour.

Eye Glasses

If it’s time for prescription glasses we offer Duarte’s best selection of designer frames and prescription sunglasses.  Over 20 brands in fact, from BCBG to Vera Bradley.  You can keep it simple and basic, or go for the latest looks and styles… traditional to eye-catching as a perfect compliment or accent to your features.  We can often deliver same-day frames and lenses.

Your lenses & options include lightweight plastic or high refractive-index glass along with scratch resistant & anti-reflective coatings and tints, as well as polarized and reflective sunglasses.  You can also choose from our selection of sports and safety glass.

Contact Lenses for Duarte, California

Besides appearance, contact lenses offer many benefits such as a full natural field of vision and no more fogging up or raindrops impairing your vision.  If you’ve been told before that you couldn’t wear contacts, times have changed and things might be different for you.  New technologies offer improvements for those with chronic dry eyes, and contact lenses can now treat astigmatism and work as bifocals.

We’ll be happy to discuss the various types of contact lenses, including daily disposable (no more nightly cleaning and sterilization), hard, monthly wear (always a fresh, comfortable pair), rigid gas permeable, silicone hydrogel, soft, and soft toric.  Even tinted contacts.  Our expert contact lens fitting for our Duarte patients assures that we’ve selected the right size and shape for the best in comfort and clear vision.

Lasik Consultations

Are you a good candidate for Lasik surgery?  Also called laser eye surgery, technically the term stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis.  Although quick and painless, it is surgery and requires special expertise and the latest in equipment for the best results.  But it can achieve amazing results, leaving patients with hyperopia (far-sightedness), myopia (near-sightedness), and astigmatism (uneven focus) no longer needing glasses or contacts.

Dr. Watanabe does not perform Lasik procedures but does perform the initial evaluation of your eye health and overall health followed by tests.  Along with this pre-surgical care, she will discuss the most suitable surgical methods.  She will also closely monitor you for 6-month post-surgical follow-up care, then it’s back to annual eye exams.  By doing things this way you’ll have a single optician thoroughly familiar with you and your vision history both before and after Lasik surgery.

Duarte’s Race to Survive

In the 2010 census, Duarte’s population was 21,321, down some 10% compared to 10 years earlier.  But it almost ceased to exist.  The web page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duarte,_California narrates the city’s history, including a down-to-the-wire race to remain an independent city.  Duarte was once home to the ultimate swing composer and bandleader Glen Miller and is in California’s 32nd Congressional District in the US House of Representatives.

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