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We’re a full-service optometrist office serving all members of the family with style, technical expertise, and personalized care.  We provide comprehensive eye exams, eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, and contact lenses, and as well as Lasik consultations and care. The best in eye health is just 20 minutes west of Covina down the 210 Freeway.

Eye Exams

You know you need your vision checked and perhaps your prescription glasses updated every year or so.  But eye exams are about more than how well you can focus.  They can be critical in protecting your sight.  Our comprehensive exams take just 30-40 minutes thanks to the latest technologies such as autorefractors.  In addition to checking visual acuity for glasses and contacts, we screen for glaucoma and cataracts and retinal exam checks for macular degeneration and other eye health issues.

If you notice any change in your vision, don’t wait until your next scheduled exam.  Schedule a visit right away.  That’s especially important if you notice any of the following.

  • difficulty doing close-up work or reading at near or far distances
  • double vision or seeing multiple images
  • changes in color perception
  • night vision problems, particularly greater sensitivity to glare when driving
  • sensitivity to bright light
  • seeing halos around a bright light
  • cloudy areas or spots on the pupil
  • problem tracking objects moving side-to-side

Eye Glasses and Prescription Sunglasses

We offer the best selection of popular prescription glasses in the Covina area.  Our large inventory means that most of our customer’s eyeglasses are ready the same day, some in just an hour.  We’ll help you choose the best combination of lenses and frames for vision, style, and personality then provide expert fitting and adjustments.  Choose from well over a dozen leading designer frames in glasses, sunglasses, and safety glasses.  We’ll also be happy to explain options such as high refractive-index materials for thinner lenses, anti-reflection coatings, tints, polarization, and mirrored lenses.

Contact Lenses

With just a few minutes a day attention (or none!) contact lenses mean no frames obscuring your view nor coming between you and others.  And there’s no problem with glasses fogging up or catching raindrops.  Even if you’ve been previously been told you can’t wear contacts, the latest material technologies may have changed that.  We’ve helped patients with reading difficulties, chronically dry eyes, and astigmatism.  There’s even bifocal contacts!

Today’s options include daily wear, disposable, extended wear, rigid glass permeable, toric, post-surgical, and silicone hydrogel.  We have decades of experience matching people’s conditions and priorities with the right types of contacts, then providing expert contact lens fitting for the greatest comfort.

Lasik Consultations

Many people want to or need to, get rid of both eyeglasses and contacts.  Whether for a particular profession, sports concerns or simple convenience Lasik surgery may be the answer to correcting myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.  Our Lasik consultations including taking a health history, an eye exam, and an assessment of your conditions and the most suitable Lasik options.  If it’s a go we can refer you to the best and most experienced eye surgeons in the Covina area.  We can also provide convenient follow-up exams to make extra sure that the results are progressing as they should.

Plaza Vision

In all our services our patients come first.  Plaza Vision has been family owned and operated since it’s start in 1973 and Alysa Watanabe, O.D. is its second-generation of optometrists.  She has been particularly active in co-managing Lasik procedures since 2008.

Covina Notes

Have you ever wondered how Covina got its name?  It’s not anyone’s name, but rather Frederick Eaton’s combination of the sort of cove formed by the surrounding mountains and the abundant vineyards of the time.  But citrus won out in the end.  Today people from across the country may find parts of Covina strangely familiar as locations widely used in the TV series Roswell and Knight Rider.

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