Getting Glasses for Your Children

Did you know that vision changes can be very gradual in kids?  In fact, it is common for kids to not notice vision problems for quite some time.  One Pediatric medical journal reported that approximately 1 in 20 children has a vision problem by preschool.  As a parent, undoubtedly you may wonder how you can check to see if your child’s vision is changing.  Outside of an eye exam with an optometrist, you may be alerted to a child’s vision problems if:

  • They begin to it closer to the TV
  • Read books or digital media (such as phones or tablets) by holding them very close to their face
  • Complain of headaches often
  • Squint their eyes frequently

At Plaza Optometry, we’ve acquired some of the latest technologies that enable optometrists to detect vision problems that children deal with.  It is recommended that parents have their children’s eyes checked by an optometrist:

  • Before their first year of birth
  • At the age of 3
  • At the age of 6
  • Annually after 6 years of age

When you bring your child to Dr. Alysa Watanabe, she will determine if your child needs glasses.  If the eye examination reveals this to be the case, the following information may be helpful when choosing their first pair of glasses.

Choosing Comfort Over Style

Fashion is great, but for your child’s first pair glasses comfort should trump everything.  Why?  Since your child will need to get used to wearing glasses, it is best for them to be as useful as possible.  Uncomfortable glasses tend to get lost, damaged, or neglected.  Additionally, if your child goes without wearing glasses, their vision may get worse.

Durable Lenses

Kids are typically rough on glasses.  Hence, the lenses need to be able to handle impact and high-energy visible (HEV) blue light from electronic sources (like tablets, phones, and computer screens).  We’ll present to you various lenses that can withstand a kid’s life.

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