Eye Problems That Should Be Taken Seriously: Part 2

Age-related Macular Degeneration

In almost all cases, age affects vision. However, eye problems such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) can occur in younger people. A few factors that intensify AMD include:

  • Obesity and being overweight
  • Genetics
  • High-stress coupled with bad diet & sleep

AMD symptoms are mild making it difficult to recognize. Hence, it is important to schedule an eye exam annually so that trained and licensed optometrist can catch the condition before it progresses. AMD is a treatable condition that is correctable through laser surgery or medication.

Shadowed Vision

A very serious eye problem is shadowed vision. Symptoms of this condition are typically verified by flashing lights within one’s vision or a grayish screen that slides across one’s field of vision. If you read part one of this blog, this condition would be more significant than the vision impairment in eye floaters. The seriousness of this condition could be an indicator of a detached retina. If you do not see a professional for the treatment of a detached retina, permanent blindness will occur.

Red Eye is a Common Eye Problem

Having two red eyes is common. This eye problem is commonly the cause of fatigue, irritation due to environmental issues, sickness, or pink eye (conjunctivitis). Nevertheless, one red eye can be a serious cause of concern. One condition, uveitis, could be the reason for a singular red eye. If this is the case, the uvea (which is located within the middle layer of the eye) becomes inflamed. As an inflammatory disease, uveitis results in multiple eye tissues becoming swollen leading to severe irritation. The result of untreated uveitis is permanent nerve damage.

If you feel that you may be dealing with any of the eye problems this blog or its part one, give us a call. We’ve helped people of all backgrounds to protect their vision.

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