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Blinking is normal, but we don’t often pay attention to our blinking. Blinking is an important part of eye health. The average adult blinks his or her eyes anywhere from 10 to 20 times per minute. Something aa simple as an eye blink may seem insignificant, but at Plaza Vision Optometry we understand the role that blinking plays on your eye health.  If you are experiencing trouble with blinking or having other eye related problems, schedule a visit with us.  Plaza Vision Optometry offers eye exams, prescription glasses, shades and contacts to Monrovia, California and surrounding communities including Bradbury, Duarte, Irwindale, Arcadia and Mayflower Village.

A single blink only takes a tenth of a second, so all of your eye blinks total up to about 10% of your waking life. Is blinking really important enough that we need to miss out on 10% of everything that is happening right before our eyes? Let’s see.

Eye Lubrication

Blinking is required to keep our eyes moisturized and clean. With every blink, a thin layer of tears spreads across the surface of your eyes. Blinking keeps your eyes from drying out and brushes away any dirt or dust particles that can impact vision or cause irritation.

Focusing Results in Less Blinking

When you are focused on something, the number of times your eyes blink decreases significantly. When watching a video or TV, reading, or working on the computer, your blinking rate decreases by as much as 60%. This decrease can cause eyestrain and result in dry eyes.

Blinking Exercises Can Help Your Eyes

While we usually don’t even realize we are blinking, making a conscious effort to blink more frequently when you are participating in high focusing activities can do your eyes a world of good. Do a blinking exercise hourly while you are focusing on a book, computer screen, or something that requires your attention. Make it a habit to regularly close your eyes during times of thought or when working on something that doesn’t require vision.

In the Blink of an Eye

A lot can really happen in the blink of an eye. Different kinds of tears, working with oil-producing sebaceous glands, work all day to protect, nourish, and moisten your eyes. A lot happens in the blink of an eye.


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