Are You Exercising Your Eyes?

Were you aware that your eyes can benefit from exercise too?  Just because you use your eyes throughout the day, doesn’t mean that they are getting proper exercise.  The wear and tear of daily staring at a computer screen, playing apps on a smartphone, or watching TV on an ultra HD screen take a toll on your eyes.  More people are suffering from blurry vision, dry eyes, and strained eyes muscles due to technology.  For instance, the American Academy of Optometry produced a study revealing that only two hours of laptop usage can result in serious vision issues.

When we see patients that suffer from eye strain, we happily give them advice to reduce their ailments.  Here are a few of the points that Dr. Alysa Watanabe of Plaza Vision Optometry shares.

Blink Your Eyes More Often is Good Exercise

Blinking is your body’s natural way to refresh and moisturize your eyes.  Interestingly, when we watch digital devices, our blink decreases considerably.  Normally, we blink about 17 to 18 times per minute.  Staring at a computer or phone can cut that number in half.

Try This Eye Exercise:

Take 3 minutes to blink slowly every 5 seconds.  Take note of how your eyes feel after this exercise.  If you take time to do this a few times a day, you’ll train yourself to blink more often automatically.


The idea of 20-20-20 is simple.  When you are working on a digital device (laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone) for an elongated time, you’ll need to take some time to relax your eyes.  At 20 minute intervals, focus on an item that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds.  Using just one minute out of an hour this way can reduce a great amount of strain on your eyes.

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